MITE 2017 solicits original papers contributing to the following broad areas but not limited to the following :

Topics and Scope of the Conference
Massive Open Online Courses
Bringing Innovation as part of Education
Education Technology
Outcome Based Education, Quality and Assessment, Accreditation
Engineering Education in India
Policy direction in Education

Massive Open Online Courses
Effect on Higher Education
Evaluation and Credit Transfer
Certification and Placements
Recognition and Knowledge Transfer
Open Educational Resources
Experimental Case Studies

Bringing Innovation as part of Education
Innovation Models in Educations
Innovation Culture
Evaluation of Innovation in Teaching Learning Process
Innovation for the society
Innovation Camps,Rooms and Projects
Online Experimentation
Experimental Case Studies

Education Technology
Mobile Devices in Education
IT and Pedagogy
Virtual and Augmneted Reality Tools
IT and Education Tools for people with special needs
Learning Management Systems
Online Tools to engage students
Educational Games and Simulations
Education laboratories
Intelligent Tutoring and Mentoring
Cloud Based Learning
Web based Learning
Infrastructure and Technology for Engineering Education
Active Learning Methods
Graphics, Simulation and Computer Aided Design
User Interfaces to learning Systems
Experimental Case Studies

Outcome Based Education, Quality and Assessment, Accreditation
Programme Evaluation
Learning Outcome Measurements
Curriculum Design
Instructional Model
Active Learning
Assessment of Ethics and Life Long Learning
Engineers and Society
Environment and Sustainability
Individual and Team work
Accreditation and Quality Assurance
Reflective Teaching
Complex Engineering Problem Solving
Administrative Challenges in OBE
Continuous Quality Improvement
Role of Teacher in OBE
Problem Based Learning
Project Based Learning
Indirect Assessment Tools in outcome assessment

Education in India
New Policy directions for Education
Industry Academia Interaction
Skill development Models and Curriculum
e-learning and e-governance
Engineering Design and Capstone Course in Engineering Education
Career Opportunities
Design Capabilities
Experimental Case Studies